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Early Activity and Background:

  • Born on November 21, 1971, in Houston, Texas.
  • Raised in a aggressive family; father, Gene Willie Strahan, was a above in the U.S. Army, and mother, Louise Traylor, was a basketball coach.
  • Emphasis on conduct and anatomy during his determinative years.

College Football at Texas Southern University:

  • Attended Texas Southern University.
  • Showcased aberrant football talent, acceptable a standout amateur for the Texas Southern Tigers.
  • Early signs of athleticism and determination.

NFL Draft and New York Giants (1993):

  • Drafted by the New York Giants in the additional round.
  • Started his able football career as a arresting end.
  • Quickly acquired acceptance for his acuteness and assignment ethic.

Football Career Highlights:

Super Bowl Achievement (2008):

  • Played a cardinal role in the Giants’ achievement over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII (2008).
  • Demonstrated administration on and off the acreage during the championship run.

Record-Breaking Division (2001):

  • Achieved a career anniversary in the 2001 NFL division by ambience the single-season sack almanac with 22.5 sacks.
  • Broke the antecedent almanac captivated by Mark Gastineau.

Pro Bowl and All-Pro Selections:

  • Earned seven Pro Bowl selections during his career.
  • Named to the All-Pro First Team bristles times, showcasing constant arete on the arresting line.

Retirement and Hall of Fame Induction (2014):

  • Retired from able football in 2008.
  • Inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2014, solidifying his cachet as one of the greatest arresting players in NFL history.

Transition to Television:

Television Career Beginnings (Post-Retirement):

  • Transitioned calmly into television afterwards backward from football.
  • Recognized for his allure and accustomed on-screen presence.

Fox NFL Sunday (2008):

  • Joined the Fox NFL Sunday pregame appearance in 2008 as a sports analyst.
  • Provided astute annotation and assay alongside acclimatized broadcasters.

Live! with Kelly and Michael (2012):

  • Became the co-host of the nationally amalgamated allocution appearance “Live! with Kelly and Michael” in 2012, partnering with Kelly Ripa.
  • Demonstrated versatility and amiable on-screen chemistry.

Good Morning America (2016):

  • Further broadcast his television career by abutting ABC’s “Good Morning America” in 2016 as a co-host.
  • Contributed to the show’s success with his professionalism and agreeable personality.

Entrepreneurial Ventures:

Clothing Band (COLLECTION by Michael Strahan):

  • Launched his own accouterment line, COLLECTION by Michael Strahan.
  • Offering a ambit of men’s apparel, from apparel to accidental wear.

Footwear and Accessories:

  • Expanded his cast to accommodate cossack and accessories.
  • Demonstrated a agog eye for appearance and architecture in the appearance industry.

Philanthropy and Claimed Life:

Charitable Contributions:

  • Actively complex in assorted accommodating endeavors throughout his career.
  • Supported organizations focused on education, health, and underprivileged youth.

Personal Activity and Family:

  • Maintained a clandestine claimed activity admitting the accessible spotlight.
  • Father of four children, absorption his adherence to both career and family.

Legacy and Impact:

Multifaceted Legacy:

  • Strahan’s bequest extends above football, encompassing success in television and entrepreneurship.
  • Served as an afflatus for athletes ambitious to alteration auspiciously into added industries.

Versatility and Adaptability:

  • Demonstrated versatility by absolute in assorted fields, from able sports to daytime television and fashion.
  • Showcased adeptness in abyssal altered industries.


In a career spanning able football, television, and entrepreneurship, Michael Strahan has larboard an enduring mark. From his aboriginal canicule on the football acreage to acceptable a admired television personality and acknowledged entrepreneur, Strahan’s adventure is a attestation to his aberrant talent, assignment ethic, and adeptness to reinvent himself. As he continues to appulse assorted industries, Strahan charcoal an iconic amount whose access transcends the boundaries of sports and entertainment.

Category Details
Full Name Michael Anthony Strahan
Date of Birth November 21, 1971
Place of Birth Houston, Texas
Family Background Born to Gene Willie Strahan (U.S. Army major) and Louise Traylor (basketball coach)
College Texas Southern University
NFL Draft Drafted by the New York Giants in the second round (1993)
NFL Position Defensive End
Super Bowl Victory New York Giants, Super Bowl XLII (2008)
Single-Season Sack Record 22.5 sacks (2001), breaking the previous record
Pro Bowl Selections Seven times during his career
All-Pro First Team Five times
Retirement Retired from professional football in 2008
Hall of Fame Induction Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee (Class of 2014)
Television Debut Fox NFL Sunday, sports analyst (2008)
Talk Show Host Live! with Kelly and Michael (2012)
Morning Show Host Good Morning America (2016)
Entrepreneurship Launched “COLLECTION by Michael Strahan” clothing line, expanded to footwear and accessories
Charitable Contributions Actively involved in various charitable endeavors
Personal Life Maintains a private personal life, father of four children
Legacy Multifaceted legacy, transcending sports to television and entrepreneurship
Versatility Successful transitions between football, television, and fashion industries
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