Meeting Bts

Meeting BTS can be a dream come true for many fans. Here are some informative tips and FAQs to help you meet BTS:

Meeting BTS in 2023

Meeting BTS in 2023

Attend their concerts:

BTS regularly tours around the world and performs in various countries. Attending their concert is the best way to see them perform live and have a chance to meet them.

Participate in fan meetings:

BTS occasionally holds fan meetings where fans can interact with them and take photos. You can participate in fan meetings by purchasing tickets or entering contests.

Follow their schedule:

Keep an eye on BTS’ schedule and see if they will be appearing at any public events or TV shows that you can attend. You might get lucky and meet them in person.

Visit South Korea:

If you’re a die-hard fan, consider visiting South Korea, where BTS is based. You can explore the city and increase your chances of spotting them in public.

Stay informed:

Follow BTS on social media and subscribe to their official website for updates on their tours, events, and appearances.


Can I meet BTS at the airport?

It’s unlikely that you will be able to meet BTS at the airport as they usually travel in private planes and are escorted by security.

Can I send gifts to BTS?

Yes, you can send gifts to BTS through their fan mail address or by participating in fan projects organized by fan clubs.

Can I take photos with BTS if I see them in public?

It’s best to respect BTS’ privacy if you see them in public. Taking photos without their consent is not recommended, and you should always ask for their permission before approaching them.

How can I increase my chances of meeting BTS?

Attending their concerts, participating in fan meetings, following their schedule, and staying informed are some ways to increase your chances of meeting BTS.

Can I get backstage passes to meet BTS?

Backstage passes are usually reserved for industry professionals and VIPs. It’s unlikely that fans will be able to get backstage passes to meet BTS.

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              BTS official (@bts.bighitofficial)


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