Is Donald Trump Running for President in 2024? Here’s What We Know So Far


  1. Introduction
  2. Trump’s 2020 Election and Post-Election Claims
  3. Rumors and Speculation About 2024 Run
  4. Trump’s Recent Statements on 2024 Election
  5. Potential Challenges and Roadblocks to Trump’s 2024 Campaign
  6. Conclusion


Donald Trump’s presidency was controversial, and his departure from the White House was no different. In the aftermath of the 2020 election, Trump refused to concede and made unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud. After Joe Biden’s inauguration, many wondered what the future held for Trump and the Republican Party. One question that has lingered since then is whether Trump will run for president in 2024. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the evidence and try to answer this question.

Trump’s 2020 Election and Post-Election Claims:

Before we delve into the 2024 election, it’s important to understand the context of Trump’s last campaign. In the 2020 election, Trump was defeated by Joe Biden, losing both the popular vote and the electoral college. Trump, however, refused to accept the results, claiming that the election was stolen from him due to widespread voter fraud. He and his legal team challenged the results in several states, but most of these challenges were rejected by the courts.

Despite these legal setbacks, Trump and his supporters continued to claim that the election was fraudulent and that he was the rightful winner. This culminated in the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol by a mob of Trump supporters who were attempting to overturn the election results.

Rumors and Speculation About 2024 Run:

In the months following the 2020 election, rumors began to circulate that Trump was considering running for president in 2024. Some of Trump’s allies and supporters publicly urged him to do so, while others argued that he should step aside and let a new generation of leaders take the reins.

Despite these rumors, Trump did not make any public statements about his plans for 2024 in the months immediately following the election. However, in the spring of 2021, several news outlets reported that Trump was actively considering a run and had even begun making plans for a potential campaign.

Some sources claimed that Trump was confident that he could win the nomination and the election, citing his strong base of support and his fundraising prowess. Others suggested that Trump was motivated by a desire to remain in the spotlight and maintain his influence over the Republican Party.

Trump’s Recent Statements on 2024 Election:

Since the rumors about his potential candidacy began circulating, Trump has made several public statements that suggest he is seriously considering running in 2024. In an interview with Fox News in March 2021, Trump said that he was “100 percent” considering a run and that he believed that the election was stolen from him in 2020.

More recently, in a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in July 2021, Trump hinted at a potential run, saying that “our movement of proud, hardworking, and patriotic America First conservatives is just getting started.” He also criticized President Biden’s handling of issues like immigration and foreign policy, suggesting that he was positioning himself as a potential alternative.

In addition to his public statements, Trump has also taken steps to maintain his influence over the Republican Party, endorsing candidates in several key primary races and launching a new fundraising platform to support his political allies.

Potential Challenges and Roadblocks to Trump’s 2024 Campaign:

While Trump’s potential candidacy has generated significant buzz, there are also several challenges and roadblocks that he would face if he decides to run in 2024.

One major challenge is the possibility of legal and financial troubles. Trump is currently facing several investigations and lawsuits, including a criminal investigation in New York into his business practices and taxes. These legal battles could potentially harm his campaign and distract from his message.

Another potential challenge is the impact that Trump’s divisive rhetoric and behavior could have on his campaign. While Trump remains popular among his base of supporters, his divisive style and controversial statements have also turned off many moderate and independent voters. Additionally, his role in the January 6 Capitol riot could be a liability for his campaign.

In terms of the Republican Party, Trump’s potential candidacy could also create divisions within the party. While he remains popular among his base, there are also many Republicans who have been critical of his leadership style and his handling of issues like the COVID-19 pandemic and race relations. If Trump decides to run, he could face opposition from within the party, particularly from those who are looking to move the party in a different direction.


In conclusion, while it is not yet clear whether Donald Trump will run for president in 2024, the evidence suggests that he is seriously considering a run. His recent statements and actions indicate that he is actively preparing for a potential campaign, and his base of supporters remains strong.

However, there are also several challenges and roadblocks that Trump would face if he decides to run. Legal and financial troubles, as well as his divisive rhetoric and potential opposition within the Republican Party, could all make it difficult for him to win the nomination and the election.

Overall, the 2024 presidential election is still more than two years away, and much can change between now and then. It remains to be seen whether Donald Trump will ultimately decide to run and how successful his campaign would be if he does.

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