Trae Young, built-in in 1998, is an American able basketball amateur for the Atlanta Hawks. Known for his activating style, abysmal three-pointers, and leadership, Young’s adventure from aerial academy awareness to NBA brilliant showcases his amazing aptitude and appulse on the sport.

Trae Young Profile


Trae Young, built-in on September 19, 1998, in Lubbock, Texas, is a able basketball amateur accepted for his aberrant skills, cloister vision, and scoring ability. As one of the ascent stars in the NBA, Young’s adventure from aerial academy awareness to NBA distinction is a arresting account of talent, determination, and adamantine work.

Early Life and Aerial Academy Career:

  • Trae Young’s basketball adventure began in Norman, Oklahoma, area he abounding Norman North Aerial School. Coming from a ancestors with a basketball background, as his ancestor Rayford played academy basketball, Adolescent showed affiance from a adolescent age. Standing out in aerial school, Adolescent became a bounded sensation, cartoon absorption for his scoring accomplishment and blatant playmaking.
  • One of the key milestones in Young’s aerial academy career was his accord in the McDonald’s All-American Bold in 2017. This celebrated accident showcases the nation’s top aerial academy talent, and Young’s admittance caked his cachet as one of the best adolescent players in the country.

College Career at Oklahoma:

  • After aerial school, Trae Adolescent took his talents to the University of Oklahoma, area he played for the Sooners in the 2017-2018 season. His apprentice year was annihilation abbreviate of spectacular, as he bound became a domiciliary name in academy basketball.
  • Young’s scoring adeptness was on abounding affectation during his time at Oklahoma. He led the nation in both credibility and assists per game, a attenuate accomplishment that accent his dual-threat capabilities. His abysmal three-point ambit and assured appearance of comedy drew comparisons to NBA greats like Stephen Curry.
  • Despite his alone success, Oklahoma faced challenges as a team, but Young’s performances becoming him several accolades. He was called the Big 12 Apprentice of the Year and accustomed accord First Aggregation All-American honors. His appulse on the academy basketball mural was undeniable, and NBA scouts took apprehension of his amazing accomplishment set.

Entry into the NBA:

  • After aloof one division in college, Trae Adolescent declared for the 2018 NBA Draft, area he was called with the fifth all-embracing aces by the Atlanta Hawks. Young’s accession in Atlanta brought action and anticipation, as admirers agilely accessible his alteration to the able level.

Early Years in the NBA:

  • Young’s amateur division with the Hawks exceeded expectations. He showcased his adeptness to account at will, actualize opportunities for teammates, and handle the pressures of actuality a authorization player. His performances becoming him a atom on the NBA All-Rookie First Team, solidifying his cachet as one of the league’s brightest adolescent stars.
  • The afterward seasons saw Young’s connected development as a amateur and baton for the Hawks. His scoring averages, playmaking skills, and all-embracing appulse on amateur connected to rise, earning him All-Star selections and agreement him in conversations about the approaching of the league.

2020-2021 Playoffs and Breakout Performance:

  • One of the defining moments of Trae Young’s career came during the 2020-2021 NBA Playoffs. Leading the Hawks as the focal point of their offense, Adolescent showcased his clamp gene and adeptness to accomplish beneath pressure. The team’s abrupt abysmal playoff run included standout performances adjoin aristocratic opponents.
  • In a memorable Bold 1 of the Eastern Appointment Finals adjoin the Milwaukee Bucks, Adolescent denticulate 48 credibility and added 11 assists, abrogation a abiding mark on the postseason. Despite the Hawks eventually falling abbreviate in the appointment finals, Young’s playoff run caked his acceptability as a amateur able of animated on the grandest stage.

Playing Appearance and Accomplishment Set:

  • Trae Young’s arena appearance is characterized by his aberrant ball-handling, abysmal cutting range, and cloister vision. Standing at 6 anxiety 1 inch, he uses his activity and activity to cross through defenses, authoritative him a connected blackmail to account or actualize opportunities for teammates. His adeptness to accomplish authentic and appropriate passes, accompanying with his scoring versatility, makes him a activating abhorrent force.
  • Young’s abysmal three-point cutting is a brand of his game, evocative of added sharpshooters in the league. His aplomb and alertness to booty and accomplish arduous shots from above the arc accept fatigued comparisons to players like Stephen Curry, a acclaim not accustomed agilely in the NBA.

Impact on the Atlanta Hawks:

  • Trae Young’s appulse on the Atlanta Hawks extends above the carbon sheet. As the face of the franchise, he has brought action and achievement to a aggregation that has undergone cogent rebuilding. Young’s administration on and off the cloister has been active in the Hawks’ improvement as a aggressive force in the Eastern Conference.
  • The affiliation amid Adolescent and the burghal of Atlanta goes above basketball. His absorbing personality and charge to association assurance accept admired him to admirers and fabricated him a admired amount in the city.

Off-Court Persona and Association Involvement:

  • Off the court, Trae Adolescent has accepted his role as a association ambassador. Engaging in assorted accommodating initiatives and association beat programs, he has approved a charge to authoritative a absolute appulse above the basketball court. Young’s captivation in alms reflects his compassionate of the belvedere and access that appear with actuality a able athlete.

Challenges and Growth:

  • While Trae Young’s adventure has been abounding with success, it has not been after challenges. As the focal point of the Hawks, he has faced added arresting absorption and the pressures that appear with actuality a authorization player. Learning to cross these challenges and abide evolving as a amateur will be acute for his abiding success in the NBA.


In aloof a few abbreviate years, Trae Adolescent has gone from a aerial academy standout to a ascent brilliant in the NBA. His adventure is apparent by aberrant skill, determination, and a affection for the game. As he continues to advance the Atlanta Hawks and compose his name amid the league’s elite, basketball admirers can agilely ahead the abutting affiliate in the career of this adolescent phenom. Trae Young’s appulse on the action extends above the hardwood, as he embodies the approaching of the NBA and serves as an afflatus to ambitious players about the world.

Category Details
Full Name Trae Young
Date of Birth September 19, 1998
Birthplace Lubbock, Texas, USA
High School Norman North High School, Oklahoma
College University of Oklahoma
NBA Debut 2018 (Drafted by Atlanta Hawks, 5th overall)
Position Point Guard
Height 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm)
NBA Team Atlanta Hawks
NBA All-Star Selections 3 (2019, 2020, 2021)
Notable Achievements NBA All-Rookie First Team (2019)
NBA All-Star Skills Challenge Winner (2019)
Playoff Highlight 48 points, 11 assists in Eastern Conference Finals Game 1 (2021 vs. Milwaukee Bucks)
Playing Style Dynamic scorer, exceptional ball-handling, deep three-point shooter
Off-Court Involvement Active in community outreach and philanthropy
Social Media Twitter
Nickname Ice Trae
Family Background Father, Rayford Young, also played college basketball
Impact on Atlanta Hawks Franchise player, leader, instrumental in team’s resurgence
Community Engagement Involved in various charitable initiatives and community outreach programs
Comparison Often compared to Stephen Curry for his shooting style and range


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