Kidambi Srikanth

Who Is Kidambi Srikanth 

Kidambi Srikanth is a acclaimed Indian badminton amateur who has fabricated a cogent appulse on the action globally. He has accomplished abundant accolades throughout his career and is accustomed for his aberrant abilities and cardinal gameplay. In this blog post, we will burrow into Kidambi Srikanth’s achievements in badminton, baronial in BWF, aboriginal life, arena appearance and strengths, training and fettle routine, notable wins and titles, performances in above tournaments, animosity with added top badminton players, appulse on Indian badminton, and approaching affairs in the sport.

Kidambi Srikanth

Kidambi Srikanth Achievements in Badminton

Kidambi Srikanth’s achievements in badminton are numerous, and he has accomplished cogent acceptance worldwide. He has won a absolute of 22 titles in his career, including the gold badge at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast. In 2017, he won four Super Series titles, including the Indonesia Open, Australian Open, Denmark Open, and French Open. He is additionally the aboriginal Indian to win the Super Series Premier appellation afterwards acquisition the Olympic best Chen Long at the 2017 China Open.

Kidambi Srikanth Ranking in BWF

Kidambi Srikanth has accomplished an absorbing baronial in the Badminton World Federation (BWF) rankings. As of 30th April 2023, he is ranked 8th in men’s singles, which is a attestation to his aberrant abilities and constant accomplishment in the sport.

Kidambi Srikanth

Kidambi Srikanth Early Life and Career

Kidambi Srikanth was built-in on 7th February 1993 in Andhra Pradesh, India. He started arena badminton at the age of eight and was initially accomplished by his father, KVS Krishna. He after confused to Gopichand Badminton Academy in Hyderabad to added accompany his training. His aptitude was accustomed back he won the under-10 state-level championship in Andhra Pradesh. Srikanth’s able career began in 2011 back he won the civic appellation in under-19 category. He fabricated his all-embracing admission in 2012 and has back again won abundant titles and medals.

Kidambi Srikanth Playing Style and Strengths

Kidambi Srikanth is accepted for his advancing arena appearance and able advancing game. He is accomplished at arena able smashes and has accomplished able on the court. Srikanth’s acceleration and activity acquiesce him to awning the cloister effectively, authoritative it arduous for his opponents to get accomplished him. He is additionally accepted for his ambiguous strokes, which generally bolt his opponents off guard.

Kidambi Srikanth

Kidambi Srikanth Training and Fitness Routine

Kidambi Srikanth’s training and fettle accepted are an capital allotment of his success. He trains for about six hours a day, absorption on his concrete and brainy conditioning. His training includes assorted drills, able exercises, and conditioning workouts. Srikanth additionally follows a austere diet plan, which includes aerial protein and low-carbohydrate meals.

Kidambi Srikanth Notable Wins and Titles

Kidambi Srikanth has won abundant notable titles in his career. In 2014, he won the China Open Super Series title, acquisition backstab Olympic best Lin Dan in the final. He additionally won the India Open Super Series in 2015, the Australian Open Super Series in 2016, and the French Open Super Series in 2017. Srikanth’s better accomplishment came in 2018 back he won the gold badge at the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast.

Kidambi Srikanth

Kidambi Srikanth Performances in Major Tournaments

Kidambi Srikanth has had cogent success in above tournaments. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, he accomplished the quarterfinals, accident to Chinese amateur Lin Dan. In the 2017 BWF World Championships, he accomplished the quarterfinals, and in the 2018 edition, he fabricated it to the semifinals. In the 2018 Asian Games, Srikanth helped India win the aggregation brownish medal. He has additionally represented India in the Thomas Cup and the Sudirman Cup, area he has played a cardinal role in India’s performance.

Rivalry with Other Top Badminton Players

Kidambi Srikanth has faced off adjoin abounding top badminton players in his career, including Lee Chong Wei, Chen Long, and Lin Dan. His better rivalry, however, has been with addition Indian player, P.V. Sindhu. The two accept faced anniversary added assorted times in above tournaments, and their matches accept been carefully contested. Srikanth has additionally had acute battles with players like Viktor Axelsen and Kento Momota.

Impact on Indian Badminton

Kidambi Srikanth has had a cogent appulse on Indian badminton. He has helped accession the contour of the action in India and has advancing abounding adolescent players to booty up badminton. His success has additionally encouraged added advance in the sport, with abounding academies and training centers actuality accustomed beyond the country. Srikanth has become a role archetypal for abounding ambitious badminton players in India.

Future Prospects in the Sport

Kidambi Srikanth’s approaching affairs in the action attending bright. He is still almost adolescent and has abounding years of advancing badminton larboard in him. He has apparent that he can attempt at the accomplished akin and has the abeyant to win added above titles. Srikanth will charge to abide to focus on his training and fettle to abide at the top of his bold and accomplish added success in the sport.


Kidambi Srikanth is a arresting badminton amateur who has accomplished cogent success in his career. His advancing arena style, cardinal gameplay, and aberrant abilities accept fabricated him a appalling adversary on the court. Srikanth’s achievements in badminton, baronial in BWF, aboriginal activity and career, arena appearance and strengths, training and fettle routine, notable wins and titles, performances in above tournaments, animosity with added top badminton players, appulse on Indian badminton, and approaching affairs in the action accomplish him an afflatus for abounding adolescent players.

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