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Kim Taehyung, broadly accepted by his date name V, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and actor, built-in on December 30, 1995, in Daegu, South Korea. As a affiliate of the globally acclaimed boy bandage BTS, Taehyung has not alone captivated audiences with his soulful articulation but has additionally larboard an enduring mark with his different personality and assorted talents. Here’s a abundant contour of Taehyung, accoutrement assorted aspects of his activity and career.

Early Activity and Education:

Kim Taehyung’s adolescence laid the foundation for his aesthetic journey. Growing up in Daegu, he developed an aboriginal absorption in the arts, including music and performance. Despite adverse challenges, Taehyung’s affection for music led him to accompany his dreams.

BTS Admission and Rise to Fame:Kim Taehyung

V clearly debuted as a affiliate of BTS on June 13, 2013, with the song “No More Dream.” The group’s adventure from admission to all-embracing distinction is a attestation to their aptitude and adamantine work. V’s date presence, characteristic voice, and allure bound garnered attention, accidental decidedly to the group’s success.

Vocal Talent:

Taehyung is acclaimed for his deep, soulful articulation that adds a different acidity to BTS’s music. His articulate ambit allows him to back a advanced ambit of emotions, from the hauntingly admirable aerial addendum to the beating lows. His solos, such as “Singularity,” advertise his articulate accomplishment and artistry.

Stage Attendance and Performance:

V’s date attendance is magnetic, cartoon admirers into the apple of BTS performances. His alive facial expressions and aqueous ball moves accord to the group’s activating and arresting alive shows. Whether it’s a high-energy achievement or an affecting ballad, Taehyung’s date attendance never fails to leave a abiding impression.

Songwriting and Musical Contributions:

In accession to his articulate talents, V actively participates in the songwriting process. His aesthetic ascribe is reflected in songs like “Hold Me Tight” and “Stigma.” This able access to music showcases his adherence to the ability and his admiration to accord advisedly to BTS’s discography.

Visual and Appearance Icon:

V is acclaimed for his arresting visuals, earning him the appellation of “The Most Handsome Face” by assorted publications. His appearance faculty is appropriately influential, with abounding admirers and appearance enthusiasts attractive to him for inspiration. V calmly combines abundance and style, creating trends and abrogation a abiding appulse on the appearance world.

Acting Career:

Taehyung has ventured into acting, proving his versatility as an entertainer. His acting admission in the actual ball “Hwarang” garnered absolute reviews for his assuming of the appearance Han Sung. Subsequently, he connected to analyze acting, showcasing his charge to accretion his aesthetic horizons.

Philanthropy and Amusing Impact:

BTS, including V, is accepted for its altruistic efforts and charge to amusing causes. The accumulation has been complex in assorted accommodating activities, acknowledging initiatives accompanying to education, brainy bloom awareness, and children’s welfare. V’s 18-carat affair for amusing issues aligns with BTS’s mission to accomplish a absolute appulse above the ball industry.

Personal Hobbies and Interests:

Beyond the stage, Taehyung is accepted for his assorted interests. He enjoys photography and generally shares his snapshots with fans. His adulation for art and ability is axiomatic in his acknowledgment for assorted forms of aesthetic expression. V’s 18-carat and common personality has admired him to admirers worldwide.

Global Access and Achievements:

As a affiliate of BTS, V has contributed to the group’s aberrant all-around success. BTS’s albums accept topped archive worldwide, and their appulse on the music industry has been accustomed with abundant awards and accolades. V’s access extends above music, authoritative him a all-around figure and agent for South Korean culture.

In conclusion, Kim Taehyung, accepted by his date name V, is a able artisan who has larboard an enduring mark on the ball industry. From his able vocals and arresting date attendance to his captivation in assorted aesthetic endeavors, V continues to affect and affix with admirers about the world. As BTS’s adventure unfolds, it’s axiomatic that V’s contributions will abide to appearance the mural of music and entertainment.


Attribute Details
Full Name Kim Taehyung
Stage Name V
Date of Birth December 30, 1995
Place of Birth Daegu, South Korea
Debut with BTS June 13, 2013, with “No More Dream”
Position in BTS Vocalist
Vocal Style Deep, soulful, versatile
Notable Solos “Singularity,” “Stigma”
Acting Debut “Hwarang” (2016)
Philanthropic Work Active involvement in charitable initiatives
Visual and Fashion Recognized as “The Most Handsome Face”
Hobbies/Interests Photography, art, diverse forms of creative expression
Global Impact Instrumental in BTS’s global success
Awards and Achievements Numerous awards for BTS’s contributions to the music industry
Social Impact Advocate for social causes, including mental health awareness
Other Talents Songwriting, dancing, acting

 Struggle Kim Taehyung Career

Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung

Kim Taehyung, bargain accepted as V, has enjoyed a arresting career as a singer, songwriter, actor, and all-around icon. Born on December 30, 1995, in Daegu, South Korea, Taehyung rose to bulge as a affiliate of the globally acclaimed boy bandage BTS. His adventure in the ball industry has been characterized by agreeable excellence, aesthetic versatility, and a charge to authoritative a absolute impact.

Early Beginnings and BTS Debut:

taehyung’s adventure in the spotlight began back he abutting Big Hit Ball as a trainee. His aptitude and characteristic articulation bound bent the absorption of industry professionals, arch to his alternative as one of the seven associates of BTS. On June 13, 2013, BTS clearly debuted with the distinct “No More Dream,” appearance the alpha of a groundbreaking career.

Vocal Accomplishment and Agreeable Contributions:

One of the standout aspects of Taehyung’s career is his aberrant articulate prowess. His deep, soulful articulation adds a different ambit to BTS’s music, accidental to the group’s assorted sound. As BTS evolved, so did Taehyung’s role in the aesthetic process. He actively alternate in songwriting, with credits on advance like “Hold Me Tight” and “Stigma.” This adeptness to accord advisedly to the group’s discography showcased his versatility as an artist.

Rise to All-around Stardom:

BTS’s all-around success is unprecedented, and Taehyung played an basic role in the group’s ascendance to all-embracing stardom. The absolution of albums like “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” series, “WINGS,” and “Love Yourself: Tear” propelled BTS to the top of archive worldwide. Their music transcended accent barriers, resonating with admirers from assorted cultural backgrounds.

Solo Ventures and Aesthetic Exploration:

Taehyung’s aesthetic analysis continued above his role in BTS. His abandoned pursuits, including the absolution of “Singularity,” a clue from the anthology “Love Yourself: Tear,” showcased his adeptness to command absorption as a abandoned artist. The song’s addictive melody and able visuals becoming boundless acclaim, added solidifying Taehyung’s cachet as a able performer.

Acting Career and Hwarang:

In accession to his agreeable endeavors, Taehyung ventured into acting. His acting admission came in 2016 with the actual ball “Hwarang,” area he portrayed the appearance Han Sung. Despite actuality a newcomer to acting, Taehyung accustomed absolute reviews for his performance, demonstrating his adeptness to excel in assorted aesthetic fields.

Global Appulse and Recognition:

Taehyung, forth with BTS, became a all-around cultural phenomenon. The group’s achievements accommodate topping charts, breaking records, and accepting abundant awards, including Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, and MTV Europe Music Awards. Taehyung’s appulse continued above music, as he became a arresting amount in the appearance world, accustomed for his characteristic appearance and charm.

Philanthropy and Amusing Causes:

BTS, including Taehyung, has been actively complex in alms and amusing causes. They accept accurate assorted initiatives, including UNICEF’s “Love Myself” attack aimed at catastrophe abandon adjoin accouchement and teenagers. Taehyung’s charge to authoritative a absolute appulse on association aligns with BTS’s mission to use their access for allusive change.

Personal Hobbies and Interests:

Taehyung’s claimed interests action a glimpse into his able personality. Accepted for his adulation of photography, he generally shares snapshots with fans, accouterment an affectionate attending into his aesthetic mind. His acknowledgment for art, culture, and assorted forms of announcement adds abyss to his accessible persona.

Fashion Amount and Beheld Appeal:

Beyond his aesthetic talents, Taehyung is acclaimed for his beheld address and appearance sense. His arresting appearance and different appearance accept becoming him acceptance as “The Most Handsome Face.” Taehyung’s access in the appearance apple extends to his role as a trendsetter, with admirers and industry enthusiasts attractive to him for inspiration.

In conclusion, Kim Taehyung’s career is a attestation to his aesthetic brilliance, versatility, and all-around impact. As a affiliate of BTS and through his abandoned ventures, he continues to appearance the mural of the ball industry. Taehyung’s adventure reflects not alone agreeable arete but additionally a charge to absolute change and a 18-carat affiliation with admirers worldwide. His access is destined to leave an constant mark on the apple of ball and beyond.

Kim Taehyung Music Career

Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung

Kim Taehyung, broadly accepted by his date name V, has accustomed himself as a arresting amount in the music industry through his role as a diva and songwriter in the globally acclaimed boy bandage BTS. Born on December 30, 1995, in Daegu, South Korea, Taehyung’s music career has been apparent by his soulful voice, aesthetic contributions, and the all-around success of BTS.

Early Agreeable Journey:

Taehyung’s agreeable adventure began back he abutting Big Hit Entertainment as a trainee, area his articulate aptitude and acumen bound set him apart. In 2013, he debuted as a affiliate of BTS, accidental to the group’s aboriginal single, “No Added Dream.” From the outset, his deep, beating articulation and date attendance hinted at the agreeable adventure that lay ahead.

Vocal Prowess and Style:

Taehyung’s articulate appearance is characterized by its abyss and emotion. His adeptness to back a advanced ambit of feelings, from raw vulnerability to acute passion, has become a authentication of BTS’s sound. Whether adapted in the accomplishments or demography centermost date with able solos, V’s vocals add a band of affluence to the group’s music.

Solo Ventures and Aesthetic Expression:

While primarily accepted as a affiliate of BTS, Taehyung has ventured into abandoned projects, showcasing his aesthetic announcement above the group. “Singularity,” a abandoned clue from the anthology “Love Yourself: Tear,” stands out as a prime archetype of his abandoned ventures. The song, accompanied by a anesthetic music video, accustomed boundless acclamation for its soulful melody and V’s arresting performance.

Songwriting and Aesthetic Contributions:

Taehyung’s captivation in the aesthetic action goes above his articulate contributions. He has actively alternate in songwriting, accidental to advance such as “Hold Me Tight” and “Stigma.” This bifold role as both a diva and a aesthetic force underscores his charge to abstraction the group’s agreeable identity.

Evolution of BTS’s Sound:

BTS’s discography reflects an change in complete and style, with anniversary anthology showcasing a altered angle of their agreeable versatility. Taehyung’s articulate ambit has played a acute role in this evolution, accepting the accumulation to analyze assorted genres and agreement with new sounds. From the aboriginal hip-hop influences to the added contempo forays into pop, R&B, and alike rock, V’s vocals accept been a connected antecedent of sonic innovation.

Global Success and Chart-Topping Hits:

BTS, with Taehyung as a key member, has accomplished unparalleled success on the all-around stage. Their albums consistently top archive worldwide, breaking annal and earning analytical acclaim. Taehyung’s vocals accept been an basic allotment of chart-topping hits such as “Blood Sweat & Tears,” “Fake Love,” “Dynamite,” and “Butter,” solidifying BTS’s position as a all-around music phenomenon.

Impact on the Music Industry:

BTS’s appulse on the music industry transcends acceptable boundaries. Their success has opened doors for Korean music internationally, paving the way for greater accepting and acceptance. Taehyung’s contributions to this phenomenon, both as a diva and a beheld icon, accept helped redefine the all-around music landscape.

Musical Collaborations and Versatility:

Taehyung’s versatility extends to collaborations with added artists. Whether aural BTS or in alien projects, he has approved an adeptness to acclimate to altered agreeable styles. Collaborations such as “It’s Definitely You” with Jin and “4 O’CLOCK” with RM advertise his versatility and alertness to analyze assorted agreeable avenues.

Awards and Recognition:

The success of BTS and Taehyung’s alone contributions accept been accustomed with abundant awards and accolades. From acceptable Billboard Music Awards to American Music Awards, BTS’s appulse on the music industry has been accustomed globally. Taehyung’s vocals and date attendance accept played a cogent role in these achievements.

Musical Bequest and Approaching Endeavors:

As BTS continues to accomplish history, Taehyung’s agreeable bequest grows. His appulse alcove far above the charts, influencing a new bearing of artists and about-face the acumen of what a all-around music abnormality can be. With the group’s analysis of new genres and Taehyung’s advancing aesthetic endeavors, the approaching promises connected addition and excellence.

In conclusion, Kim Taehyung’s music career is a attestation to his articulate talent, aesthetic contributions, and the all-around appulse of BTS. As a diva and artist, he has played a cardinal role in abstraction the group’s character and accidental to the change of K-pop on the apple stage. With a affluent discography, analytical acclaim, and an ever-growing fan base, Taehyung’s adventure in the music industry charcoal an alarming and affecting narrative.

Kim Taehyung Album

Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
US US World WW
“It’s Definitely You” (죽어도 너야)
(with Jin)
2016 34 15 8
  • KOR: 76,657
Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth Original Soundtrack
“Scenery” (풍경) 2019 3 Non-album singles
“Winter Bear”
  • JPN: 6,793
“Sweet Night” 2020 14 19 1 34 Itaewon Class Original Soundtrack
“Snow Flower”
(featuring Peakboy)
  • JPN: 6,203
Non-album single
“Christmas Tree” 2021 18 25 82 1 29 6 79 51 Our Beloved Summer Original Soundtrack
“Love Me Again” 2023 22 7 91 76 5 96 1 12
  • JPN: 7,226
“Rainy Days” 56 21 91 7 16
  • JPN: 7,362
“Slow Dancing” 24 9 60 26 5 51 4
  • JPN: 12,134
  • WW: 54,000

Other Album

Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
FRA Dig.
US World
“Stigma” 2016 26 8 8 22 1
  • KOR: 110,898
“Intro: Singularity” 54 10 40 100 23 34 44 1
  • US: 10,000
Love Yourself: Tear
“Inner Child” 2020 24 19 30 * 7 9 1 Map of the Soul: 7
“Blue” 2023 144 22 13 100 12 89
  • JPN: 2,661
“For Us” 151 27 15 49 113
  • JPN: 2,596
“Slow Dancing” (Piano version) 19
  • JPN: 2,26
“Slow Dancing” (FNRK remix) 28
  • JPN: 1,891
Non-album singles
“Slow Dancing” (Cautious Clay remix) 32
  • JPN: 1,799

Kim Taehyung Awards And Nomination

Award ceremony Year Category Nominee(s)/work(s) Result
APAN Star Awards 2020 Best OST “Sweet Night” Won
APAN Star Awards 2022 Best OST “Christmas Tree” Nominated
Asia Artist Awards 2023 Popularity Award – Actor V Pending
Asia Artist Awards 2023 Popularity Award – Male Singer V Pending
DDU Korean Drama Awards 2022 Best OST “Christmas Tree” Won
MAMA Awards 2022 Best OST “Christmas Tree” Nominated
MAMA Awards 2022 Song of the Year “Christmas Tree” Nominated
MAMA Awards 2023 Album of the Year Layover Pending
MAMA Awards 2023 Artist of the Year V Pending
MAMA Awards 2023 Best Male Artist V Pending
MAMA Awards 2023 Best Vocal Performance – Male Solo “Love Me Again” Pending
MAMA Awards 2023 Song of the Year “Love Me Again” Pending
Melon Music Awards 2017 Best OST “It’s Definitely You” Nominated
Melon Music Awards 2023 Million Top 10 Layover Pending
Seoul International Drama Awards 2022 Outstanding Korean Drama OST “Christmas Tree” Nominated
Seoul Music Awards 2023 Fan Choice of the Year – April V Won
Seoul Music Awards 2023 Fan Choice of the Year – May V Won
Soompi Awards 2018 Best Idol Actor V Won
Soompi Awards 2019 Best Choreography “Singularity” Won
The Fact Music Awards 2023 Best Music – Fall “Slow Dancing” Won




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