Sunil Manohar Gavaskar, generally referred to as the “Little Master,” is a name that resonates with candid enthusiasts worldwide. Born on July 10, 1949, in Mumbai, India, Gavaskar is a cricketing fable whose appulse on the action transcends borders and generations. With his aberrant batting accomplishment and abiding determination, he became a cricketing icon, ambience abundant annal and accomplishing arresting milestones throughout his illustrious career.

Gavaskar’s adventure into the apple of candid began in his academy days, area he acid his abilities at St. Xavier’s High Academy and again at Bombay’s celebrated Grant Medical College. His father, Manohar Gavaskar, was a arresting amount in Mumbai cricket, which assuredly afflicted Sunil’s aboriginal absorption in the sport. It wasn’t continued afore Gavaskar’s biggy aptitude was recognized, and he fabricated his admission for the Bombay candid aggregation at the age of 18.

In 1971, Sunil Gavaskar apparent his access into all-embracing candid with a bang. He fabricated his Test admission adjoin the West Indies, a aggregation acclaimed for its appalling fast bowling attack. In his actual aboriginal match, he denticulate an amazing 774 runs in the series, a almanac that stood for about three decades. Gavaskar’s aberrant technique, composure, and adeptness to comedy fast bowlers with affluence fabricated him a awareness not alone in India but above the cricketing world.

One of Gavaskar’s best cogent achievements came in 1974 back he became the aboriginal batsman in Test candid history to beat Sir Donald Bradman’s almanac of 29 Test centuries. His appetence for runs and abiding absorption fabricated him a accurate adept of the game. His adeptness to ballast the innings and bat for continued hours became a authentication of his career.

Gavaskar’s accomplishment was not bound to Test cricket; he was appropriately abounding in One-Day Internationals (ODIs). He played a acute role in India’s achievement in the 1983 Candid Apple Cup. Although he was accepted for his classical batting style, Gavaskar could acclimate to the beneath architecture back required. His 36-ball 103 adjoin New Zealand in the 1985 Apple Championship of Candid charcoal one of the best memorable ODI innings of all time.

Throughout his all-embracing career, Sunil Gavaskar accomplished abundant milestones, including acceptable the accomplished run-scorer in Test cricket, a almanac he captivated until it was burst by Allan Border in 1993. Gavaskar’s arresting bendability was exemplified by his adeptness to account runs in arduous across conditions, decidedly adjoin the appalling clip attacks of the West Indies.

Gavaskar’s administering qualities were additionally axiomatic back he captained the Indian candid team. He was the aboriginal cricketer to account 10,000 runs in Test candid and was acclaimed for his appropriate accuracy as a captain. Under his leadership, India accomplished notable victories, including a celebrated alternation win adjoin the West Indies in 1971 and the acclaimed achievement adjoin England at Lord’s in 1986.

Off the field, Gavaskar’s contributions to Indian candid continued above his batting prowess. He was a articulate apostle for players’ rights and fair treatment, arena a cardinal role in abstraction the approaching of Indian candid administration. His access as a analyst and analyst has additionally been significant, as he aggregate his abysmal insights and ability of the bold with audiences worldwide.

Sunil Gavaskar’s appulse on Indian candid and the action as a accomplished cannot be overstated. He was not aloof a cricketer but a attribute of resilience, dedication, and excellence. His career was an afflatus to ancestors of ambitious cricketers, who looked up to him as a role model.

In acceptance of his arresting contributions to cricket, Sunil Gavaskar accustomed several celebrated awards and honors. He was bestowed with the Padma Bhushan, India’s third-highest noncombatant award, in 1980. He was additionally inducted into the ICC Candid Hall of Fame in 2009, cementing his cachet as one of the game’s best greats.

Full Name Sunil Manohar Gavaskar
Date of Birth July 10, 1949
Place of Birth Mumbai, India
Role in Cricket Right-handed opening batsman
Cricketing Debut Test: March 6, 1971 vs. West Indies
ODI: July 13, 1974 vs. England
Test Career Span 1971 – 1987
ODI Career Span 1974 – 1987
Test Debut Opponent West Indies
Test Cap Number 115
ODI Debut Opponent England
ODI Cap Number 1
Major Records – First batsman to score 10,000 runs in Test cricket.
– First batsman to surpass Sir Donald Bradman’s record of 29 Test centuries.
– Held the record for the highest run-scorer in Test cricket until 1993.
World Cup Played in the 1975, 1979, and 1983 Cricket World Cups.
Won the 1983 World Cup with the Indian team.
Captaincy Served as the captain of the Indian cricket team.
Led India to historic victories, including a series win against the West Indies in 1971.
Awards and Honors – Padma Bhushan (1980): India’s third-highest civilian award.
– Inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame in 2009.
Post-Retirement Career – Cricket commentator and analyst.
– Active in cricket administration and player advocacy.
– Contributed to the growth of cricket beyond his playing days.
Legacy An iconic figure in Indian and international cricket, known for his batting prowess, technique, and leadership.
A symbol of resilience and excellence in the sport.


Sunil Manohar Gavaskar career

  • Sunil Manohar Gavaskar, generally hailed as the “Little Master” of cricket, is one of India’s greatest cricketing legends. His illustrious career spanning from 1971 to 1987 is categorical in the account of candid history as a attestation to skill, resilience, and abiding dedication.
  • Gavaskar was built-in on July 10, 1949, in Mumbai, India, into a ancestors with a abiding cricketing tradition. His father, Manohar Gavaskar, was a acclaimed cricketer and a key access on Sunil’s aboriginal cricketing journey. Under his father’s guidance, Sunil developed a affection for the action at a adolescent age.
  • In March 1971, Gavaskar fabricated his Test admission for the Indian candid aggregation adjoin the appalling West Indies. His admission alternation was annihilation abbreviate of extraordinary, as he accumulated 774 runs in aloof four matches, a almanac for the accomplished runs denticulate by a debutant in a Test series, which stood for about three decades. This arresting alpha signaled the accession of a batting genius.
  • Gavaskar’s batting appearance was a joy to watch. He bedevilled a arbiter address and displayed categorical able adjoin both circuit and pace. His adeptness to comedy the best arduous of deliveries with accord and adroitness fabricated him a standout batsman. Gavaskar’s arresting abilities were impeccable, and he was accepted for his adeptness to ballast the innings, architecture able foundations for the Indian team.
  • One of his best notable achievements came in 1974, back he surpassed Sir Donald Bradman’s almanac of 29 Test centuries. This anniversary caked his acceptability as one of the greatest batsmen in candid history. Throughout his Test career, Gavaskar denticulate a absolute of 34 centuries, a almanac that stood until Sachin Tendulkar surpassed it in 2005.
  • Gavaskar’s arresting bendability was not bound to home conditions. He excelled in across tours, area Indian batsmen generally struggled adjoin adverse fast bowlers. His memorable performances in the West Indies, area he faced the alarming clip advance of the brand of Andy Roberts, Michael Holding, and Joel Garner, are legendary. Gavaskar’s adeptness to accouterment fast bowlers with categorical address and a calm address becoming him immense account in all-embracing cricket.
  • In accession to Test cricket, Gavaskar additionally fabricated a cogent appulse in One-Day Internationals (ODIs). He played a acute role in India’s achievement in the 1983 Candid Apple Cup, accidental both as a batsman and a captain. His iconic 36-ball aeon adjoin New Zealand in the 1985 Apple Championship of Candid charcoal one of the fastest centuries in ODI history.
  • Gavaskar’s administering qualities were axiomatic during his stints as the captain of the Indian candid team. He led by archetype and played a cardinal role in several celebrated victories. One of the best memorable moments of his captaincy came in 1986 back India won a Test alternation in England, culminating in a celebrated win at Lord’s. Under his captaincy, India’s Test aggregation accomplished bendability and competitiveness on the all-embracing stage.
  • Off the field, Gavaskar was a articulate apostle for players’ rights and fair treatment. He played a cogent role in abstraction Indian candid administering and formed appear convalescent the altitude and abundance of cricketers in the country.
  • Sunil Gavaskar’s appulse on Indian candid continued above his arena days. He transitioned into a acknowledged career as a candid analyst and analyst. His astute annotation and abysmal ability of the bold admired him to candid admirers about the world.
  • In acceptance of his outstanding contributions to cricket, Gavaskar accustomed abundant awards and honors, including the Padma Bhushan, India’s third-highest noncombatant award, in 1980. He was additionally inducted into the ICC Candid Hall of Fame in 2009.

Sunil Gavaskar family

  1. Sunil Gavaskar, the iconic Indian cricketer accepted as the “Little Master,” comes from a ancestors with abiding access to the apple of cricket. In accession to his own arch cricketing career, his ancestors associates accept additionally fabricated cogent contributions to the sport.
  2. Sunil Gavaskar was built-in on July 10, 1949, in Mumbai, India, to Manohar Gavaskar and Meenal Gavaskar. His father, Manohar Gavaskar, was a acclaimed amount in Mumbai candid circles. Manohar was a abounding club-level cricketer and played a cardinal role in adorning Sunil’s aboriginal absorption in the sport. Under his father’s admonition and influence, Sunil began to advance his cricketing abilities from a actual adolescent age.
  3. Sunil Gavaskar’s ancestors was not aloof amorous about cricket; they additionally had a able attitude of academics. His affectionate uncle, Madhav Mantri, was a arresting cricketer and played a cardinal role in mentoring Sunil during his determinative years. Madhav Mantri was not alone a accomplished wicket-keeper but additionally an adroit cricketing mind. His access on Sunil’s cricketing apprenticeship was profound.
  4. Sunil Gavaskar’s adventure into candid began at St. Xavier’s High Academy in Mumbai, area he started to advertise his biggy talent. His aboriginal performances in academy and club candid laid the foundation for a acknowledged career ahead. Gavaskar’s family’s abutment and cricketing accomplishments played a acute role in adorning his aptitude and accouterment him with the all-important admonition to excel in the sport.
  5. Gavaskar’s ancient brother, Kedar Gavaskar, was additionally a capital cricketer, although he did not ability the aforementioned heights as Sunil. Kedar’s attendance in the cricketing apple added caked the Gavaskar family’s affiliation with the sport. Sunil’s adventure through calm candid and his closing access into the Indian civic aggregation were apparent by a able faculty of ancestors abutment and encouragement.
  6. While Sunil Gavaskar’s cricketing career soared to aberrant heights, his ancestors remained a connected antecedent of afflatus and motivation. His father, Manohar, who had played a cogent role in Sunil’s aboriginal cricketing days, connected to abutment and adviser him throughout his career. Sunil generally accustomed his father’s apprenticeship and admonition for abstraction his cricketing abilities and brainy toughness.
  7. Sunil Gavaskar’s achievements in candid not alone brought pride to his ancestors but additionally to the absolute nation of India. He became one of the best iconic abstracts in Indian candid history, accepted for his aberrant batting prowess, abstruse brilliance, and abiding adherence to the game. His family’s cricketing heritage, accompanying with his own arresting aptitude and adamantine work, adapted him into a cricketing legend.
  8. Beyond his arena career, Sunil Gavaskar’s ancestors connected to be an basic allotment of his life. His wife, Marshneil Gavaskar, has been a colonnade of abutment throughout their marriage, which has produced a son called Rohan Gavaskar, who additionally ventured into candid and played for Bengal in calm cricket.


Match Date Opponent Venue Match Type Performance Result
March 11, 1971 West Indies Port of Spain, WI Test Debut series: Scored 774 runs in four Tests, setting a record for the most runs by a debutant in a series. India won series
June 24, 1971 West Indies Port of Spain, WI Test Scored a century in the fourth Test, contributing to India’s series win against the West Indies. India won series
June 25, 1983 West Indies Lord’s, England ODI (World Cup Final) Captained India to victory in the 1983 Cricket World Cup, defeating the West Indies in the final. India won
June 10, 1986 England Lord’s, England Test Scored a century and led India to a historic Test win at Lord’s, England. India won
December 21, 1986 Australia Melbourne, Australia Test Scored a century in the second innings to help India win the Test match. India won
March 13, 1987 Pakistan Hyderabad, India ODI Scored an unbeaten 92 in the Reliance World Cup to guide India to victory against Pakistan. India won
October 23, 1987 Pakistan New Delhi, India Test Played a crucial role in a Test victory against Pakistan in his final Test series. India won series


Hidden fact about Gavaskar’s

  • Multilingual Cricketer: While Gavaskar’s cricketing accomplishment is broadly recognized, his accomplishment in assorted languages is beneath known. He was not aloof a adept of candid but additionally a adept of languages. Fluent in English, Marathi, and Hindi, he displayed arresting adeptness and advice skills. This multilingual adeptness fabricated him an accomplished candid analyst afterwards in life, alluring him to admirers with his clear assay of the game.
  • Early Ambition in Medicine: Before advancing candid professionally, Gavaskar harbored ambitions of acceptable a doctor. He enrolled at Mumbai’s celebrated Grant Medical College with the absorbed of advancing a career in medicine. However, cricket’s siren alarm accepted irresistible, and he absitively to focus on the action that would ultimately accomplish him a domiciliary name.
  • Fear of Fast Bowling: Despite acceptable a appalling batsman acclaimed for his adeptness to face fast bowlers, Gavaskar initially had a abhorrence of adverse quick deliveries. In his aboriginal days, he struggled adjoin the ascent deliveries and bouncers, a weakness he formed endlessly to overcome. His closing adeptness of fast bowling is a attestation to his adherence and determination.
  • Record-Setting Debut: Gavaskar’s Test admission in 1971 adjoin the West Indies was annihilation abbreviate of historic. He appear his accession on the all-embracing date with a bang, ambience a almanac by scoring a amazing 774 runs in the four-match series. This absurd achievement fabricated him the accomplished run-scorer in a admission series, a almanac that remained ceaseless for about 30 years.
  • Avid Golfer: Above his adulation for cricket, Gavaskar is an agog golfer. Golf became a affection for him, and he has alternate in abundant celebrity golf tournaments. His activity for golf is acclaimed amid his fans, and he has generally announced about the similarities and challenges amid the two sports.
  • Stage and Film Appearances: Sunil Gavaskar ventured into the apple of ball with adornment appearances in Bollywood films. He additionally stepped assimilate the amphitheater stage, acting in a Marathi comedy alleged “Savli Premachi.” These forays into acting showcased his versatility and alertness to analyze altered domains.
  • Inaugural Ball-by-Ball Commentary: Gavaskar played a cardinal role in the change of candid broadcasting in India. He was allotment of the countdown advertisement aggregation for ball-by-ball annotation on television during the 1987 Candid Apple Cup. This apparent a cogent moment in the popularization of candid on the airwaves and broadcast his access above the field.
  • Captaincy afterwards a Test Defeat: As the captain of the Indian Test team, Gavaskar accomplished a arresting feat—he never absent a Test alternation during his captaincy tenure. This is a attestation to his administration abilities and adeptness to accompany out the best in his team. His captaincy larboard an enduring mark on Indian candid history.
  • Named afterwards Amateur Sunil Dutt: Gavaskar’s name holds an absorbing origin. He was called afterwards the acclaimed Bollywood amateur Sunil Dutt. His mother was an agog fan of Sunil Dutt, and this affiliation led to the allotment of the cricketing legend.
  • Contribution to Player Rights: Above his on-field exploits, Gavaskar played a cardinal role in advocating for players’ rights in Indian cricket. He was a able apostle for bigger pay and bigger alive altitude for cricketers. His efforts contributed to the enactment of the Players’ Association in India, ensuring that cricketers accustomed their due acceptance and benefits.

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