Mansi Joshi

Mansi Joshi: A Trailblazer in Indian Women’s Cricket

Introduction of Mansi Joshi

Mansi Joshi is a name that is alike with Indian women’s cricket. She is a fast bowler with a angry assurance and a never-say-die attitude. Born on 29th August 1993, in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, Mansi developed a adulation for candid at a actual adolescent age. She is one of the few women cricketers from Uttarakhand to accept played for the Indian team. In this blog, we will booty a afterpiece attending at Mansi Joshi’s life, career, and contributions to the apple of cricket.

Mansi Joshi

Early life and background

Mansi Joshi’s ancestor was an ardent candid fan, and he alien her to the action aback she was aloof seven years old. She started arena candid with the boys in her adjacency and anon developed a affection for the game. Mansi’s aptitude was accustomed aboriginal on, and she was anon alleged to comedy for the Uttarakhand women’s candid team.

Despite adverse several challenges, including a abridgement of assets and basement for women’s candid in Uttarakhand, Mansi connected to assignment adamantine and advance her game. She completed her graduation in business from DAV PG College in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

Net Worth of Mansi Joshi

Net Worth                                              –                             $100K
Net Worth In Indian Rupees          –                             80 lakhs INR +
Monthly Income And Salary          –                             1 to 1.5 lakhs
Yearly Income                                     –                             12 lakhs+

 Cricket career

Mansi Joshi fabricated her admission for the Indian women’s candid aggregation in 2016 adjoin Sri Lanka. She is a right-arm medium-fast bowler who can accomplish acceptable clip and beat the brawl both ways. Her calm career began in 2012 aback she was alleged to comedy for the Uttarakhand women’s candid team. She was after alleged to comedy for the Indian Railways team, area she acquired invaluable acquaintance and exposure.

Mansi has represented India in all three formats of the game, including Test cricket. Her standout achievement came adjoin South Africa in the 2018 ICC Women’s Apple T20, area she took three wickets for aloof 16 runs in four overs. She has additionally played in the Women’s Big Bash League in Australia, area she acquired added acknowledgment to top-level cricket.

Mansi Joshi

Playing style and strengths

Mansi Joshi is accepted for her advancing and advancing appearance of bowling. She can beat the brawl both ways, and her deliveries generally bolt the batsmen by surprise. She has a able assignment belief and is consistently attractive to advance her game. Her athleticism and fielding abilities are additionally noteworthy, and she has taken some amazing catches on the field.

Mansi Joshi Challenges and setbacks

Mansi Joshi has faced several challenges and setbacks in her cricketing career. She has had to affected several injuries, including a accent breach in her aback and a accept injury. She has additionally had to accord with the gender biases and bigotry that are accustomed in Indian society. However, she has never let these setbacks avert her, and she has emerged stronger and added bent anniversary time.

Mansi Joshi Family

Regarding her family, Mansi Joshi was born on August 29, 1993, in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Her father’s name is Bhuvnesh Joshi, and her mother’s name is Shanti Joshi not publicly known. She has a younger sister named Sakshi Joshi. Other information about her family is not publicly available.

Mansi Joshi

 Mansi Joshi Philanthropy and social work

Mansi Joshi is additionally accepted for her alms and amusing work. She has founded an alignment alleged ‘Wheels of Fire,’ which promotes candid amid underprivileged accouchement in Uttarakhand. Through this initiative, she hopes to affect the abutting bearing of cricketers from the arena and accommodate them with the assets and abutment they charge to succeed.

Future prospects and aspirations

Mansi Joshi’s approaching affairs in candid attending bright. She is still adolescent and has abounding years of candid larboard in her. She is bent to abide convalescent her bold and accidental to the success of the Indian women’s candid team. She additionally hopes to use her belvedere and access to affect added girls to booty up candid and accompany their dreams.


In conclusion, Mansi Joshi is a accurate afflatus to ambitious cricketers in India and about the world. Her adventure from a baby boondocks in Uttarakhand to apery the Indian women’s candid aggregation on the all-embracing date is a attestation to her adherence and adamantine work. Despite adverse abundant challenges and setbacks forth the way, Mansi has persevered and emerged as a admired amateur in the team.

Her arena appearance and strengths, accompanying with her adeptness to affected obstacles, accomplish her a force to be reckoned with on the field. Above cricket, Mansi’s assignment in amusing causes highlights her charge to allotment women and creating a bigger apple for all.

As she continues to strive for arete in her cricketing career and beyond, Mansi Joshi’s bequest will be one of adamantine work, determination, and resilience. She has paved the way for approaching ancestors of Indian women cricketers and larboard an enduring mark on the sport.

 Here are some facts and  FAQs about Mansi Joshi


  • Mansi Joshi is an Indian women’s candid amateur who was built-in on August 29, 1993, in the accompaniment of Uttarakhand.
  • She fabricated her admission for the Indian women’s candid aggregation in 2016.
  • Mansi Joshi is a right-arm medium-fast bowler and a right-handed batter.
  • She has played for the Indian Railways candid aggregation in calm cricket.
  • Mansi’s admired cricketers are Brett Lee and Glenn McGrath.
  • She has a amount in engineering from Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology and Engineering.
  • Mansi Joshi is additionally actively complex in altruistic work, decidedly in the acreage of women’s empowerment.
  • Her admired cuisine is Indian and she loves to cook.
  • Mansi enjoys travelling, alert to music and watching movies in her chargeless time.
  • She was allotment of the Indian band in the 2017 Women’s Candid World Cup and the 2018 Women’s T20 World Cup.

Mansi Joshi


What is Mansi Joshi’s acme and weight?

Ans. Mansi Joshi is about 5 anxiety 6 inches (167.6 cm) alpine and her weight is about 61 kg (134 lbs).

When did Mansi Joshi alpha arena cricket?

Ans. Mansi Joshi started arena candid at the age of 13.

What is Mansi Joshi’s accomplished account in all-embracing cricket?

Ans. Mansi Joshi’s accomplished account in all-embracing candid is 15 not out, which she accomplished adjoin Pakistan in 2019.

What is Mansi Joshi’s best bowling achievement in all-embracing cricket?

Ans. Mansi Joshi’s best bowling achievement in all-embracing candid is 3 wickets for 16 runs, which she accomplished adjoin Sri Lanka in 2018.

Is Mansi Joshi married?

Ans. There is no advice accessible about Mansi Joshi’s conjugal status.

What is Mansi Joshi’s accepted ICC baronial in women’s cricket?

Ans. As of April 2023, Mansi Joshi is ranked 61st in the ICC ODI bowling rankings for women.

What is the accomplished wicket-taking bout of Mansi Joshi’s career?

Ans. Mansi Joshi’s accomplished wicket-taking bout of her career is 4 wickets for 13 runs, which

she accomplished adjoin South Africa in 2018.

Which aggregation does Mansi Joshi comedy for in calm cricket?

Ans. Mansi Joshi plays for the Indian Railways candid aggregation in calm cricket.

What are Mansi Joshi’s hobbies?

Ans. Mansi Joshi’s hobbies accommodate travelling, alert to music, and watching movies.

What are Mansi Joshi’s approaching affairs in cricket?

Ans. Mansi Joshi aims to become one of the top bowlers in women’s candid and advice India win added all-embracing matches and tournaments.


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