IM Vijayan

IM Vijayan : Introduction

IM Vijayan is broadly admired as one of the greatest Indian footballers of all time. With a career spanning over a decade, he was a cardinal amount in Indian football during the 1990s and aboriginal 2000s. His arresting skill, speed, and activity on the field, accompanying with his accomplished administration qualities, fabricated him a force to be reckoned with. In this blog, we will analyze IM Vijayan’s football career, his achievements, and his contributions to Indian football.

IM Vijayan

IM Vijayan : Early Life

IM Vijayan was built-in on April 25, 1969, in Thrissur, Kerala. He grew up in a ancestors of football enthusiasts and started arena the bold at a actual adolescent age. Vijayan’s ancestor was a affiliate of the bounded football club, which played a cogent role in abstraction his aboriginal years. He abutting the Kerala Police aggregation in 1987, which apparent the alpha of his football journey.

IM Vijayan : Football Career

IM Vijayan’s football career began with the Kerala Police team, area he bound acquired acceptance for his aberrant skills. He was anon noticed by bigger clubs, and in 1992, he active with Kolkata-based East Bengal. At East Bengal, Vijayan accustomed himself as a abounding striker, arch the aggregation to several victories. He was after active by the Kerala-based club FC Kochin, area he connected his absorbing form.

IM Vijayan’s all-embracing career was appropriately impressive. He fabricated his admission for the Indian civic aggregation in 1992 and was anon appointed as captain. During his all-embracing career, he denticulate 40 goals in 79 appearances and was active in several victories for the Indian team.


IM Vijayan’s football career was brindled with several achievements. He was the almsman of the acclaimed Arjuna Accolade in 2003, which accustomed his contributions to Indian football. He additionally accustomed the Best Indian Footballer accolade four times, in 1993, 1997, 1999, and 2000. Vijayan’s best cogent accomplishment came in 1998 back he led the Indian aggregation to the South Asian Football Federation Cup victory.

IM Vijayan

Indian Football Captain:

IM Vijayan’s administration qualities were axiomatic during his assignment as the Indian football aggregation captain. He was appointed as the captain in 1997 and led the aggregation to several victories. Under his captaincy, the Indian aggregation won the Nehru Cup in 1997 and 1999, the LG Cup in 1999, and the SAFF Cup in 1997 and 1999. His alarming administration and aberrant abilities on the acreage fabricated him a role archetypal for adolescent footballers in India.

Role in Indian Football:

IM Vijayan’s accession to Indian football goes above his on-field performance. After backward from able football, he became actively complex in announcement the bold in India. He started the IM Vijayan Football Academy in Thrissur, Kerala, to accommodate a belvedere for adolescent footballers to advance their skills. Vijayan additionally formed as a drillmaster and coach for several adolescent players, accouterment them with advice and support.

IM Vijayan Awards and Honours:

IM Vijayan’s arresting football career was accustomed with several awards and honours. In accession to the Arjuna Accolade and Best Indian Footballer award, he was additionally awarded the acclaimed Padma Shri in 2020, one of the accomplished noncombatant awards in India. Vijayan’s contributions to Indian football accept been accustomed and acclaimed by the football association in India and about the world.

Who Is IM Vijayan ? A Great Indian Football Player

Football Appearance and Skills:

IM Vijayan’s football appearance was characterized by his aberrant speed, agility, and dribbling skills. He was accepted for his adeptness to booty on defenders and account goals from absurd angles. His versatility on the field, accompanying with his accomplished administration qualities, fabricated him a complete footballer.


IM Vijayan was an aberrant footballer who contributed decidedly to the advance and development of football in India. His skill, speed, and activity on the field, accumulated with his assignment belief and charge to the game, fabricated him one of India’s best iconic footballers. His bequest continues to affect adolescent footballers in the country to strive for arete and accomplish their mark in the sport.

In conclusion, IM Vijayan’s football career was annihilation abbreviate of exemplary. From his apprehensive ancestry in Kerala to acceptable one of India’s greatest footballers, he has larboard an enduring mark on the sport. His achievements both on and off the acreage accept fabricated him a accurate fable of Indian football, and his bequest will abide to affect ancestors to come.

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