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Tom Heinsohn Profile

Early Activity and Arena Career

Jersey City Roots (1934-1956):

Tom Heinsohn was built-in into a banal family, and his aboriginal years in Jersey City shaped his airy and aggressive spirit. His adulation for basketball began to curl during his aerial academy years at St. Michael’s, area he acid his abilities and developed a affection for the game.

College Years at Holy Cross (1952-1956):

Heinsohn abounding the Academy of the Holy Cross, area he played academy basketball beneath the advice of drillmaster Buster Sheary. His standout performances on the cloister bent the absorption of NBA scouts, and he emerged as a backstab All-American during his bookish career.

NBA Debut with the Boston Celtics (1956):

Selected as the added all-embracing aces in the 1956 NBA Draft by the Boston Celtics, Heinsohn fabricated an actual impact. Joining a Celtics aggregation that was in the aboriginal stages of acceptable a ascendant force, he contributed decidedly to the team’s success in his amateur season.

Eight-Time NBA Champion (1957-1965):

Throughout the backward 1950s and aboriginal 1960s, Heinsohn played a cardinal role in the Celtics’ dynasty. His versatility as a advanced and his scoring adeptness were acute apparatus of the team’s eight after NBA championships from 1959 to 1966.

Six-Time NBA All-Star (1957-1962):

Heinsohn’s arete on the cloister was accustomed with six All-Star selections during his arena career. His scoring accomplishment and application fabricated him a fan favorite, and he became one of the faces of the Celtics franchise.

Transition to Coaching

Tom Heinsohn
Tom Heinsohn

Retirement and Transition to Apprenticeship (1965):

In 1965, Heinsohn absitively to retire from arena and transitioned to coaching. This apparent the alpha of a new affiliate in his basketball career, one area he would leave an constant mark as both a drillmaster and a broadcaster.

Coaching Achievements

Two-Time NBA Drillmaster of the Year (1973, 1975):

Heinsohn’s apprenticeship accomplishment became axiomatic during his administration as the arch drillmaster of the Celtics. He acceptable NBA Drillmaster of the Year ceremoniousness twice, in 1973 and 1975, showcasing his adeptness to advance and affect a team.

Additional NBA Championships as a Drillmaster (1974, 1976):

Building on the Celtics’ legacy, Heinsohn guided the aggregation to two added NBA championships in 1974 and 1976. His apprenticeship appearance emphasized teamwork, discipline, and a charge to excellence.

Broadcasting Career

Broadcasting Bequest (1980-2004):

Following his apprenticeship career, Heinsohn transitioned to the advertisement booth, acceptable the blush analyst for the Celtics. For over two decades, his astute annotation and amorous assay admired him to Celtics admirers and basketball enthusiasts alike.

Legacy and Impact

Basketball Hall of Fame Induction (1986):

In acceptance of his outstanding contributions to the game, Tom Heinsohn was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1986. This account caked his abode amid the basketball greats.

Number 15 Jersey Retired (1966):

The Boston Celtics retired Heinsohn’s jersey cardinal 15, advantageous accolade to his amazing contributions as a amateur and coach. This allegorical action underscored his abiding appulse on the franchise.

Author and Artist:

Beyond his basketball achievements, Heinsohn was a accomplished artisan and author. His affection for painting and autograph added showcased his artistic side, abacus abyss to his able personality.

Personal Activity and Philanthropy

Family and Association Engagement:

Heinsohn’s charge to ancestors and association was a defining aspect of his life. He actively affianced in accommodating endeavors, application his belvedere to accomplish a absolute appulse above the basketball court.


Tom Heinsohn’s adventure in the apple of basketball is a arresting account of success, resilience, and constant passion. From his aboriginal canicule in Jersey City to his cardinal role in the Celtics’ absolutism as a amateur and coach, Heinsohn’s bequest is categorical in the account of NBA history. His appulse on the sport, both on and off the court, resonates with admirers and players alike, authoritative him a accurate figure of the game. As we reflect on his activity and career, we bless the abiding banner of a basketball legend, always remembered as a Boston Celtic through and through.

Category Details
Full Name Tom Heinsohn
Born August 26, 1934, Jersey City, New Jersey
Died November 9, 2020
Position Forward
College College of the Holy Cross
NBA Debut 1956 (Boston Celtics)
NBA Championships (Player) 1957, 1959-1965 (8 titles with the Boston Celtics)
NBA All-Star Selections 1957-1962 (6 times)
NBA Coach of the Year 1973, 1975
NBA Championships (Coach) 1974, 1976 (with the Boston Celtics)
Jersey Number 15 (Retired by the Boston Celtics)
Hall of Fame Induction 1986 (Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame)
Broadcasting Career 1980-2004 (Color commentator for the Boston Celtics)
Additional Achievements – Author and artist
Philanthropy Actively engaged in charitable endeavors

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