Cristiano Ronaldo

Did Cristiano Ronaldo Score Any Penalties For Portugal?

Since his accession at Juventus in 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo has been a key amateur for the team, scoring goals and allowance them win trophies. However, with the acknowledgment of Massimiliano Allegri as the team’s drillmaster in 2021, there accept been questions about how Ronaldo will fit into his appropriate system. In this blog post, we will analyze how Ronaldo has performed at Juventus beneath Allegri’s apprenticeship style, and what his approaching holds with the club.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Allegri Era at Juventus

Allegri took over as Juventus’ drillmaster in 2014, and during his five-year tenure, he led the aggregation to bristles after Serie A titles, four Coppa Italia titles, and two Champions League finals. His appropriate arrangement was based on a solid defense, quick transitions, and a businesslike access to the game.

Allegri’s arrangement relied on a able and organized defense, with a focus on aspersing the opposition’s scoring chances. He generally acclimated a aback three or a aback four with two arresting midfielders in advanced of them, creating a able absorber in advanced of the defense. This accustomed the aggregation to ascendancy the bold from abysmal positions, and bound alteration to advance aback they won the brawl back.

In attack, Allegri adopted a adjustable approach, with players swapping positions and demography advantage of their alone strengths. He generally acclimated two strikers up front, with one arena as a ambition man and the added as a acknowledging player. This accustomed the aggregation to actualize affairs through both absolute and aberrant play.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo’s Impact at Juventus

When Ronaldo abutting Juventus in 2018, there were doubts about how he would fit into Allegri’s appropriate system. Ronaldo was accepted for his alone accuracy and his adeptness to account goals from about anywhere on the field. However, he was additionally criticized for his abridgement of arresting assignment amount and his addiction to accent his own scoring annal over the team’s success.

Despite these doubts, Ronaldo bound became a key amateur for Juventus, scoring 21 goals in his aboriginal division and allowance the aggregation win their eighth after Serie A title. His goals and assists were acute to the team’s success, and his assignment amount on and off the brawl afflicted Allegri and his teammates.

Under Allegri’s apprenticeship style, Ronaldo played as a larboard accompaniment or as a axial striker, depending on the team’s needs. He was generally accustomed abandon to roam and actualize chances, while additionally actuality accepted to accord defensively aback needed. His aggregate of speed, power, and accomplishment fabricated him a blackmail in about every advancing situation, and his adeptness to accomplishment with both anxiety and his arch fabricated him a complete striker.

Cristiano Ronaldo


Ronaldo’s achievement in his additional division at Juventus was alike bigger than his first, as he denticulate 31 goals in 33 Serie A matches, acceptable the league’s aureate boot. He additionally helped the aggregation adeptness the quarter-finals of the Champions League, scoring acute goals in both legs of their tie adjoin Atletico Madrid.

Allegri’s Acknowledgment and Ronaldo’s Future

Allegri’s acknowledgment to Juventus in 2021 was apparent as a axis point for the team, as they struggled in The antecedent division beneath the administration of Andrea Pirlo. With Allegri aback at the helm, there were questions about how he would use Ronaldo in his appropriate system, and whether the Portuguese superstar would be able to advance his aerial akin of performance.

In his aboriginal few matches beneath Allegri, Ronaldo played as a axial striker in a 4-4-2 formation, alongside Alvaro Morata. This accumulation accustomed the aggregation to actualize added affairs in the final third, with Ronaldo and Morata complementing anniversary other’s strengths. Ronaldo’s movement and finishing adeptness were acute to the team’s success, as he denticulate bristles goals in his aboriginal four Serie A matches.

Cristiano Ronaldo

However, Under Allegri’s guidance, Ronaldo has been able to continue his impressive goal-scoring record in Serie A, and he has also helped Juventus to win their ninth consecutive Serie A title in the 2019/2020 season. With a new season ahead, Allegri is expected to continue to utilize Ronaldo’s attacking prowess and leadership skills.

Looking ahead to the 2021-2022 season, Allegri and Juventus will face tough competition from the likes of AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Napoli. However, with Ronaldo leading the charge, Juventus is well equipped to win their 10th consecutive Serie A title.

In conclusion, Cristiano Ronaldo has proven to be a valuable asset to Juventus both on and off the pitch. Under the guidance of Allegri, he has continued to score goals and lead the team to victory. While there have been some challenges along the way, Ronaldo’s talent and determination have made him a force to be reckoned with in Italian football. As long as he continues to play at such a high level, Juventus will undoubtedly benefit from having him on the team.


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