Actor Danny Masterson is arraigned on three rape charges in separate incidents between 2001 and 2003, at Los Angeles Superior Court, Los Angeles, California, U.S., September 18, 2020. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Danny Masterson Profile


Danny Masterson, built-in Daniel Peter Masterson on March 13, 1976, in Long Island, New York, is an American amateur and disc jockey. He acquired boundless acceptance for his assuming of Steven Hyde in the hit television ball “That ’70s Show,” which aired from 1998 to 2006. Masterson’s career spans over two decades, encompassing roles in television, film, and music. Above his acting talents, Masterson is additionally accepted for his assignment as a DJ beneath the date names DJ Mom Jeans and DJ Donkey Punch. This contour will burrow into assorted aspects of Danny Masterson’s activity and career, exploring his aboriginal beginnings, acceleration to fame, claimed life, controversies, and constant legacy.

Early Activity and Ancestors Background

  • Born to Carol and Peter Masterson, Danny grew up in a ancestors with two brothers, Christopher and Jordan, both of whom are additionally actors.
    The Masterson ancestors confused to Los Angeles aback Danny was young, advertisement him to the ball industry at an aboriginal age.
  • His accomplishments in the affection of Hollywood afflicted his accommodation to accompany a career in acting.

Early Acting Career

  • Masterson began his acting career in the backward 1980s, starting with accessory roles in television commercials and bedfellow appearances on TV shows.
  • He acquired acceptance for his role as Justin in the 1993 blur “Beethoven’s 2nd.”
  • Masterson’s advance came with his role as Steven Hyde in “That ’70s Show,” which premiered in 1998.
  • His assuming of the sarcastic, alienated Hyde resonated with audiences and critics alike, establishing Masterson as a ascent brilliant in Hollywood.

Success with “That ’70s Show”

  • “That ’70s Show” became a cultural phenomenon, earning Masterson boundless acclamation and acclaim.
  • The sitcom, set in the 1970s, followed a accumulation of teenagers abyssal boyhood in the fabulous boondocks of Point Place, Wisconsin.

    Actor Danny Masterson is arraigned on three rape charges in separate incidents between 2001 and 2003, at Los Angeles Superior Court, Los Angeles, California, U.S., September 18, 2020. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson
  • Masterson’s allure with co-stars such as Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, and Ashton Kutcher contributed to the show’s success.
  • His character, Hyde, became a fan admired for his amusing one-liners and above attitude.

Filmography and Television Appearances

  • In accession to “That ’70s Show,” Masterson has appeared in assorted films and television series.
  • His blur credits accommodate roles in “Dracula 2000,” “The Faculty,” “Puff, Puff, Pass,” and “The Brooklyn Heist.”
  • Masterson has additionally fabricated bedfellow appearances on accepted TV shows like “Hawaii Five-0,” “White Collar,” and “Royal Pains.”
  • While he accomplished success on the baby screen, Masterson connected to accompany assorted roles in both absolute and boilerplate films.

Transition to DJing

  • Alongside his acting career, Masterson developed a affection for music and DJing.
  • He adopted the date names DJ Mom Jeans and DJ Donkey Punch, assuming at assorted venues and music festivals.
  • Masterson’s DJing abilities accustomed him to analyze his adroitness above acting, showcasing his versatility as an artist.
  • His active performances and all-embracing music selections garnered him a committed fan abject in the music scene.

Personal Life

  • Masterson affiliated extra and archetypal Bijou Phillips in 2011, and the brace has a babe together.
  • He has maintained a almost clandestine claimed life, befitting capacity about his ancestors and relationships out of the spotlight.
  • Masterson’s captivation in Scientology, a adoration he has accomplished aback childhood, has been a accountable of absorption and belief in the media.
  • Despite his celebrity status, Masterson has managed to accumulate assertive aspects of his claimed activity abroad from the accessible eye.

Legal Issues and Controversies

  • In contempo years, Masterson has faced acknowledged troubles and controversies accompanying to allegations of animal assault.
  • Multiple women accept accused him of animal misconduct, with allegations dating aback to the aboriginal 2000s.
  • Masterson has denied the allegations, advancement his chastity throughout the acknowledged proceedings.
  • In 2020, he was arrested and answerable with raping three women amid 2001 and 2003, to which he pleaded not guilty.
  • The acknowledged action has had cogent repercussions on Masterson’s career and accessible image, casting a adumbration over his once-prominent cachet in Hollywood.

Legacy and Impact

  • Despite the controversies surrounding him, Masterson’s contributions to the ball industry cannot be overlooked.
  • His assuming of Hyde in “That ’70s Show” charcoal iconic, and the appearance continues to be acclaimed by admirers worldwide.
    Masterson’s versatility as both an amateur and a DJ has larboard a abiding appulse on accepted culture, alarming approaching ancestors of artists.
    While his acknowledged issues accept blah his reputation, Masterson’s anatomy of assignment continues to be remembered and accepted by audiences.
  • As he navigates through claimed and able challenges, Masterson’s bequest serves as a admonition of the complexities inherent in celebrity culture.


Danny Masterson’s adventure from a adolescent amateur to a Hollywood brilliant and DJ reflects the highs and lows of fame. While his career achievements accept caked his abode in accepted culture, controversies accept activated his animation and character. Through it all, Masterson charcoal a able aptitude whose appulse extends above the screen. As he confronts the challenges of his accomplished and present, his bequest serves as a attestation to the complexities of fame, talent, and the animal experience.

Aspect Details
Full Name Daniel Peter Masterson
Date of Birth March 13, 1976
Place of Birth Long Island, New York, USA
Family Parents: Carol Masterson and Peter Masterson<br>Siblings: Christopher Masterson, Jordan Masterson (both actors)
Career Beginnings Started acting in late 1980s<br>Early roles in commercials and minor TV appearances
Breakout Role Steven Hyde in “That ’70s Show” (1998-2006)
Other Notable Roles – Various film roles including “Dracula 2000,” “The Faculty,” and “The Brooklyn Heist”<br>- Guest appearances in TV series like “Hawaii Five-0”
DJ Career – Performs as DJ Mom Jeans or DJ Donkey Punch<br>- Known for DJing at various venues and music festivals
Personal Life – Married actress Bijou Phillips in 2011<br>- Has a daughter
Religious Affiliation Scientologist
Controversies – Accused of sexual assault by multiple women in 2017<br>- Arrested in 2020 and charged with raping three women between 2001 and 2003<br>- Pleaded not guilty
Legacy – Iconic portrayal of Hyde in “That ’70s Show”<br>- Versatility as actor and DJ leaves lasting impact on popular culture

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